Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Challenge of Priorities

I've spent months researching training programs for walking.

I've spent weeks setting one up and working it into my schedule.

I've spent about a month trying it out.

It won't work.

Currently I'm spending a large chunk of my morning in devotional time - prayer, worship, bible study, etc. Following that, I usually go for my walk. The walking schedule looks like this: Monday-Tuesday: 1.5 hour walk; Wednesday: Off; Thursday-Friday: 2 hour walk; Saturday: 3 hour walk; Sunday: 1 hour walk.

I then come home, post my walk, and my morning is over. The kids (who, bless them, have spent my walking time doing housework and chores) now want to spend time with their mother, so we tend to watch a movie over lunch. Another 2.5 hours gone, minimum, depending on how long the movie is and how long it takes us to get organized with lunch.

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School starts Monday!!

I am getting really stressed! I am ready for the return to school we have the clothes and just have to give the school money for their supplies.

Last week was school shoe shopping. What a stress. My 5 year old will be going to kindergarten and he was a piece of cake. Went ot the first shoe store and the second pair where a hit. My daughter on the other hand.......

Her sensitivity issues make socks and shoes a nightmare that cause her to melt down. She has lived in Crocs for years now and we had a skecher shoes that where similar to crocs but a bit more like shoes last year however they really aren't the best shoes and it was mentioned that maybe she could have more appropriate shoes for this year.

Well that is hard. We hit I think every shoe and kids store in Calgary that carries shoes. Three days of looking. I think we found a winner, a cross between a mary jane and a runner that is pink and has light up flowers.

Now the shopping is done I feel like i have to prep her. I have been coaching my daughter on how she needs to do things on her own and that there won't be an aid like last year. The other day I called to school to make sure that her teacher is aware of her issues. I also was hoping we could go to the school so dd had a heads up on things and I could chat with her teacher about a few things. I was told she was going to have two teachers that job share. I was a little concerned as stable structure is big for kids like her. She can be pretty easy going but I wasn't sure how she would take the back and forth of two teachers. I said that usually consistency is important for kids like dd and the lady in charge said she would look in to it. Anyway by the time we got to the school to meet the teachers they had decided it was best to move her. I just hope that she will still have some girls she knows in her class.

Her new teacher seems nice and I think she will be good with dd. My daughter likes her and so that is a good sign. I know the teacher my son will have and while I had hoped he could have them same teacher as my daughter, it didn't work out that way. I know he will be fine. He is such a good guy when it come to these kinds of things.

Now in just two more sleeps both kids will be in school. I am not sure if I am mentally ready for all this but otherwise I have everything under control. For the moment. Till i find out what my school bus route is.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I feel like summer is over already :(

We have had a great summer. Two weeks on the Shuswap of hot sunny weather and hours and hours on the beach, in the lake, or in the pool. We all had such a great time.

Then we came home and my brother and his family came out for 10 days. Again the weather was warn and we did some Alberta sight seeing I have never done before even though I have lived all my 43 years here. My kids had a ball playing with their cousins who are 10 and 12 but where really good with the kids.

Last week the day our family went home the weather turned cold and rainy and I realized my kids go back to school in 2 weeks! Now that is down to a week and I have been scrambling to find indoor shoes for the kids as well as clothes and any other stuff they need for going back.

I am lucky that our school has a set and reasonable fee that we pay every year and they supply all that they need for in the classroom.

Only a couple of days after my kids go back to school I have start up meeting for going back to work. I have to do a dry run on Aug. 25 and start on Aug 27.

It just feels like with all this back to school and works stuff along with the crappy weather that summer is over.

Why is it that winter lasts forever and summer never seems to last long at all??